Who we are

When we started in 1995 EIB/KNX was unknown in Belgium. After several training courses in Germany and with our own Industrial background it was clear that working with a single manufacturer was coming to an end. The technical world became so complicated it is no longer possible to have one manufacturer “inventing” everything. EIB/KNX was the first “system” allowing to use a variety of products without manufacturer limitations.

In the early EIB/KNX years we had to fight for every project. So many years later all these projects are still running perfectly and, not unimportant, are still compatible with the newest KNX technologies.

EIBKon is an exclusive KNX System Integrator working for Electrical Installers in a wide variety of projects. Going from a meeting room, a family house, luxury homes, public buildings or office buildings our approach is always identical. How do we adapt the building to the users needs?


Early 1995 we started examining the EIB building management standard. The EIBShop Belgium was founded in 1997 and in 2002 the company was converted into a Limited Liability Company called EIBKon BVBA.

The EIB protocol was created in 1990 by 5 German companies (Siemens, Berker, Gira, Jung, Merten). When EIBShop Belgium started there was a problem getting the EIB products on the Belgium market. EIBShop was part of a European organisation who was grouping the purchase of EIB parts.

In 1999 EIB was changed into KNX due to the convergence with Batibus. Over the years the KNX protocol became more and more important on the World Wide Market. Today 440 manufacturers from 44 countries are producing KNX certified parts.

For EIBKon it is a prove that KNX can be trusted on a long term basis. Since beginning of our EIB/KNX experiences we never had any conflict between the different products/manufacturers. The widely represented KNX standard also shows the reliability of the products. The interchangeability between products from different manufacturers is an additional benefit.